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There Be Dragons opened in Spain on March 25, 2011.  The producers of the film have since been receiving numerous testimonies from audiences in Spain and around the world who have benefited from and been impacted by the message of the film:

No more discussion of divorce
"Gentlemen: I am writing to thank you for having made this film. A few weeks ago I called a friend of mine to tell him that my wife and I had decided to divorce. We have a daughter. This friend told me: "Before you do that, you have to watch There Be Dragons."  I went to see the movie with my wife, accompanied by this friend. We left the theater crying and unable to speak. We spent all that night talking about it, because we realized that the problem was not in our relationship as husband and wife, but that we had not been able to identify and overcome our own inner dragons. The real problems were in each one of us. So we have decided to focus our struggles on that, to overcome our dragons, and not to talk about divorce any more. We have also decided to try to have a new child."
- Enrique Lorenzo, Madrid (Spain), April 20, 2011

I disconnected from God when my sister died
"I just saw There Be Dragons and I need to write to you right away. I have indeed found "my dragons." I felt that I was totally reflected in the character of Manolo: I felt his rage when my 15 year-old sister was taken from this world. I felt that rejection toward God because my sister was the purest thing that existed in this world: a good student, generous, affectionate, self-sacrificing, always cheerful, ready to pull you out of your little daily drama with a dance or a joke ... and she had to be taken away ... Why, if she was only 15?  Weren’t there enough terrorists in the world to send them a cancer like my sister’s?  The best persons should stay on earth, like Josemaría, to give a little kindness to the world. Why does God want my sister in heaven, which is already full of goodness?  But seeing the development of Manolo's character in the movie, I have decided to turn my eyes to God. The film I saw yesterday stirred something inside me that was silenced at that time. It has re-awakened what I have not felt since I was 18 years-old when I was very religious and was very practicing.  Now I have found my dragons and I'm going to face them. Thank you for this movie!"
- Ana A., March, 29, 2011

Mother and daughter again after 18 years
"I wish to thank Mr. Roland Joffé very much for this film. I am 41 years-old and have gone 18 years without talking to my mother, because when I was 23 and she 43, she had a personal relation with the man who was my boyfriend at that time. I've had a miserable life hating her ever since. I have never understood that, as the film says, when you forgive, it frees someone: yourself. I have lived all these years unhappy being a slave to this, because I had not forgiven my mother, even though she asked for my pardon many times. Now I have forgiven her and we are mother and daughter again. And I'm happy once again. Thank you once more." -Lucía Morales, April 3, 2011

My daughter has come back to home ... and to God
"Good morning. I am writing you because yesterday a man who comes to my parish told me that that his daughter had left home some time ago. A few months later she came back home because she had run out of money, but she came with a bad attitude. This weekend she went to a multiplex theater and, by mistake, saw There Be Dragons. When she left the movie, she went straight to a church and went to confession. At home she apologized to her parents and now she is a different girl, totally new. This gentleman asked me to write to thank you for making this film. He was excited and happy."
-Rafael, Majadahonda (Spain), April 15, 2011

Priests are good persons?
"Two Goths (who wear black, carry chains and like morbid things) were at a multiplex movie theater on Friday. Reading the list of movies they discovered There Be Dragons, and thinking that it was a movie about Merlin and swords and so on, they bought tickets. When the film ended and the theater emptied out, I saw that they were not moving from their seats. I asked them how they had liked the movie. "Too much," replied one. "We never imagined that priests were such good people."
-Sean, April 13, 2011

I leave wanting to be a better person
"Thank you, Roland Joffé. You have managed that a person, at the end of the film, is left with desires to be a better person and with the clear idea that it is not worth letting yourself be carried away by your passions. To behave in a decent, human way will at times lead to suffering, and acting badly perhaps has some advantages and saves you some blows in life . . . but it is not worth it. Thank you for this beautiful film."
-José Ignacio, Madrid (Spain), March 30, 2011

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Carl Beltran (10.27.2011 (09:33:46))
There Be Dragons - Screening Nov. 8, 2011 in Edison, New Jersey Attachement There Be Dragons will have one screening at St. Helena Parish(940 Grove Avenue, Edison, New Jersey 08820) on Friday, November 19, 2011 7:30 PM.

Professor John F. Coverdale will give an introduction to the film.

For tickets, visit
Fr. Greg Coyne (05.29.2011 (10:56:00))
Confession of the woman in the park scene I particularly liked the scene in the movie where Josemaria was hearing the confession of a woman, seated together on a park bench. When she offered a "safe" place for him to stay (her one-room apartment), he was very kind to her but also very clear and firm in rejecting immediately the obvious occasion of sin. This scene sends a powerful message to everyone (both confessors and penitents) not to be naive in thinking that "we're strong enough to handle the situation" but to be humble enough to recognize our human weakness and prudent enough to avoid situations which could be potentially dangerous to our souls.
Cynthia (05.23.2011 (20:52:42))
A Journey Towards Forgiveness I've been trying to forgive my mother all my life for the physical and emotional abuse I endured during my childhood. The damage continued during a semester living with her in Indonesia, when she so boldly stated that she 'never wanted me'. I believe that to have been the worst blow. When she passed away in Oct '97, despite her abuse, I flew half way across the globe to try to 'save her, heal her'. My mission was in vain, but I did learn so much more about her, that she had had an affair, while married to my father. A man that we knew, as I later put together with memories of having been taken to his house, or to the pool with him. Now that I am 38 years old, the pain from those memories, those words was so raw that I broke last summer. On May 6 the topic of my therapy session was finding a way to forgive her, and that night I saw There Be Dragons. I chose to ask for St. Josemaria's intercessions, and since then, I have had nothing but good memories of her. I AM FREE of my dragon!!!
Gus (05.13.2011 (10:52:55))
Good movie for Mother\\\\\\\'s Day Hi!
It was a wonderful movie to see on Mothers Day! It really causes one to reflect on why we feel and do the things we do.
Take Care,
Tania Ibarra (05.12.2011 (11:30:30))
Great Movie I was given the opportunity to watch the movie with my sister and I have to thank her for thinking of me. I don't believe I would have gone to see it on my own. I'm happy to know the history of Jose Maria Escriva. It has made me curious to learn and read more about him. Thank you Joanna!

José (05.11.2011 (11:23:50))
Family changed I have a friend whose son invited one of his friends to see the movie. This teenager (a non/practicing catholic) and his whole family were passing through a difficult times with many infights, etc. After seeing the movie, this teenager took his whole family to see the movie the following day. After seeing the movie, the whole family decided to examine their situation and start working seriously towards the improvement of the family situation.
Zack (05.10.2011 (16:07:06))
God guides us in life I believe GOD guided me to go watch this movie. I just decided to go see an action movie Fast Five at the last minute, no friends could go with me, but I went by myself anyway and it was the only movie playing late. Once I read the summary and notice the religious aspect, I went for it. Then I realized that the message was about forgiveness while I was just having a talk with a friend about forgiving somebody who was acting wrong with me. I was really moved by the whole coincidence and how God guide us in life.

Thank you.


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