PODCAST | Personal Encounters with Blessed Alvaro del Portillo

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In this homily from Blessed Alvaro’s Feast Day, Fr. Peter Armenio, Priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei, shares some personal stories of his encounters with Blessed Alvaro del Portillo.

What you’ll hear:

– About Blessed Alvaro’s pilgrimage to St. Mary’s of the Angels Church in Chicago, IL
– Fr. Peter Armenio’s encounters with, and stories of, Blessed Alvaro
– About Blessed Alvaro’s personality
– Blessed Alvaro’s recipe for happiness
– How Blessed Alvaro helped Pope Saint John Paul II


“Analogously speaking, I see Blessed Alvaro a little bit as a St. Therese, in the sense that his love was extraordinary, he would lay down his life, but always through the medium of the ordinary.”

“Everyone is eager to know what a Saint is like. I would say that my compelling impression was somebody self effacing, someone always apologizing for being father, always pointing to the example of St. Josemaria; joy, peace, and the feeling that I could really open up to this person. And he would always be inquiring.”

“There was a time when [Blessed Alvaro] was having meetings with John Paul II, getting him prepared for his trip to Mexico. He was helping him prepare for his consecration to Our Lady of Guadalupe.”


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