Decalogue for a Happy Spiritual Life Explained: A Brief Guide for Students and Young Adults

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Your years spent at college are both exciting and challenging. Along with a world of new opportunities and experiences, college brings decisions and responsibilities, many of which will lay the foundation for the rest of your life.

Living out your faith in college is one of those decisions. Many students stop practicing their faith not by an active choice (“I am never going to Mass again!”), but by passively letting it fall to the wayside (“I stayed up too late and am too tired to get up for Mass this morning, but I’ll go next week”). Yet with some planning and intentionality, you can not only remain faithful while in college but also grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ whom you will learn to find in your everyday life.

Based on “A Decalogue for a Happy Spiritual Life” by Fr. James Socias, our new guide explains the ten essential goals of the decalogue with the teachings of St. Josemaria Escriva and practical tips for developing each of the goals.

It’s a challenging but effective plan that you’ll want to learn if you are striving to develop and keep a happy spiritual life as a student or young adult!

10 Essential Goals for Developing and Keeping
a Happy Spiritual Life as a Student and Young Adult

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