PODCAST | Easter: True Witnesses of Christ

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In this podcast for Easter Sunday, Fr. Javier del Castillo invites us to contemplate the Resurrection of Christ and how “the Resurrection is an event that can only be accessed by people of faith who have had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.” And, like the women at the tomb and the apostles, how “every Christian is a witness” and what that means for us today.


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  • Tita reverente April 16, 2017   Reply →

    Thank you for the inspiring reflections you,ale available to us. It helps me grow deeper in faith. I have shared your podcasts to several friends. God bless you all.

  • Patty geinosky April 2, 2018   Reply →

    I have been struggling for years, but since starting to pray and reflect on the works of stjosemaria, now listening to the podcast, I can now leave this earthly world behind as I give myself to the Lord, my own conversion, like Thomas. I had to, for myself, see, feel, smell, and believe to become a witness for Jesus. Thank You

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