PODCAST | Exercising My Priestly Soul

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In this reflection we are called to consider Jesus Christ as the High Priest and how all of us are called to participate in that priesthood according to our vocation in life. We are each called to a specific way of life and those who have chosen the priesthood as their vocation have additional responsibilities regarding the care of God’s people.  There are acts that the priest must do on behalf of the people as they work on guiding them towards the right path.  And yet, every priest needs and relies on the help of God’s people too, as they fulfill their vocation to the priesthood.  It is further explained that it is through the graces of our baptism that we receive the freedom to walk in Christ’s footsteps doing the works that are particular to our state in life.  Whatever our vocation may be, our life’s goal is to become saints through uniting with Our Lord in His Redemptive Sacrifice.



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