FAQ: St. Josemaria Institute Podcast

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What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer, smart phone, or mp3 player. They are typically available as a series of which subscribers can receive new installments automatically. Podcasts allow you to control when and where to listen; and, you can pause, rewind, skip, or listen again to any episode.

What is the St. Josemaria Institute Podcast?

The St. Josemaria Institute Podcast is a series that brings together prayerful reflections and spiritual readings to help you grow closer to God through the liturgical seasons, feast days, devotions, and the moments of everyday life.

How can I listen to the podcast?

Start by listening on our website at: https://www.stjosemaria.org/podcast

Simply scroll down the webpage and explore all of our past episodes –just click the play or download icon on the audio player.

You can also listen to the podcast on your smartphone with the following apps: SoundCloud, Stitcher, or iTunes. Search for these apps in the Apple App Store (for iPhones or iPads) or Google Play (for Android).

Once you have downloaded the app onto your phone or tablet, search for St. Josemaria Institute Podcast and then click on the subscribe or follow button. Once you have subscribed to our podcast, all new episodes will be automatically delivered to you within the app.

Do I have to pay to subscribe to the podcast?

The St. Josemaria Institute Podcast is free to listen and download. We do, however, welcome donations to help offset the cost of production, editing, and distribution.

Why are ratings and reviews important?

Ratings and reviews help the podcast rank higher and reach more people in search results. If you enjoy our podcast, please leave a rating and review on iTunes, Stitcher, or Soundcloud. You can like or share a podcast on Soundcloud or click Write a Review on iTunes and Stitcher.

How can I share one of your podcasts?

The best way to share the podcast is by sharing the episode link on Facebook and Twitter, or by clicking Share on Stitcher or Repost on Soundcloud. You can also share our website link via email and social media: https://www.stjosemaria.org/podcast

How can I download one of your podcasts?

To download, go to our website: https://www.stjosemaria.org/podcast, find the episode, and then click on the download icon (down arrow). You must be connected to the internet to download the file(s).

What are the terms of use?

The St. Josemaria Institute podcasts are provided free of charge for use by individuals for personal, non-commercial use only.

If you have additional questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@stjosemaria.org.

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