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Thank you to those who submitted information regarding a Feast Day Mass for 2019. With your help we were able to share information for over 450 Feast Day Celebrations taking place across the globe!

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A Letter

from a friend who thanked us for helping him find a feast day mass

July 6, 2013

I am an American and live in Los Angeles. Every year attending Mass on St. Josemaria’s feast has been my little “thank you” for all that he has done for me. I wear my best clothes and I try to prepare well: it is a very important day for me.

This year I was spending June in Stuttgart, Germany, with my wife, Sandra (we were recently married), and her family.

I was worried that I would miss St. Josemaria’s feast day celebration on June 26, but after sending an email to the St. Josemaria Institute, I was happy to find a Mass only a few miles from where we were living.

It was a special moment for me and my wife when the priest preached how St. Josemaria loved our Lord and wanted everyone to follow him without reservations. It was the best advice we could receive as a newly-wedded couple: to follow our Lord without reservations.

The Holy Mass was consoling to my wife, who was not very familiar with St. Josemaria or Opus Dei. She appreciated St. Josemaria’s message of sanctifying work, no matter what it is. It was a moment of grace for her when she heard that she needed to help me get to heaven!

Each evening my wife and I pray for St. Josemaria’s intercession that we will be blessed by God with a baby. Please pray with me.

Many thanks,
Romulo Broas