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In this meditation, Fr. Peter Armenio, a priest of Opus Dei, invites us to come to understand the importance of the second most perfect gift that God has given us at the foot of the cross, the Mother of Jesus, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, is also our Mother.   He explains through her Immaculate Conception, she had been prepared for the sole purpose of helping us become children of God worthy of being saints.

This generosity of God can be seen as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary, October 13, 2017, of Our Mother Mary appearing at Fatima showering us with her “Motherly Love” and asking us to let her help us by invoking her through praying the rosary. It is precisely in this act that Fr. Peter reminds us that the shortest way to Jesus is through Mary.

In honoring the graces that God the Father has bestowed upon Our Beloved Mother, let us, “Sing to the Immaculate Virgin, reminding her: Hail Mary, daughter of God the Father: Hail Mary, Mother of God the Son: Hail Mary, Spouse of God the holy Spirit…Greater than you, none but God!”

St. Josemaria

The Way, no. 496



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