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In this podcast, Fr. Peter Armenio reflects on the home of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in Nazareth, their example of a “bright and cheerful home”, and why building a strong family foundation rooted in love and joy is essential to the new evangelization.

Like St. Josemaria Escriva, we can go to St. Joseph to learn the “secret” to knowing Jesus Christ and bringing him to our family and others: “Saint Joseph, our Father and Lord: most chaste, most pure. You were found worthy to carry the Child Jesus in your arms, to wash him, to hug him. Teach us to get to know God, and to be pure, worthy of being other Christs. And help us to do and to teach, as Christ did. Help us to open up the divine paths of the earth, which are both hidden and bright; and help us to show them to mankind, telling our fellow men that their lives on earth can have an extraordinary and constant supernatural effectiveness” (The Forge, no. 553).


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