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In this meditation from Fr. Peter Armenio, priest of Opus Dei, we are invited to reflect upon the cross, particularly as a medium to connect with the Lord.  Highlighting the imprisonment and martyrdom of St. Thomas More as an example, Fr. Peter illustrates that when faced with suffering, we might be tempted to discouragement if we are not quick to embrace the cross or delight in it.  But he reminds us that although suffering is essential for growing in intimacy with the Lord, as long as we are trying to bear it alone, we will struggle.  We need to remind ourselves: “It’s not my cross, it’s his, and he does the heavy lifting.”

In order to grow in our love for the cross, Fr. Peter suggests listening to Jesus’ words when he told his apostles to “watch and pray.”  The Lord is our role model in his suffering and agony, since any cross we are enduring, he also endured.  Thus he is our template for suffering; by watching Jesus, our suffering can be lessened and we can grow in deeper unity and intimacy with him through the cross.

“The Cross symbolizes the life of an apostle of Christ, with a strength and a truth that delight both soul and body, though sometimes it is hard, and we can feel its weight.”


St. Josemaria

The Forge, no. 757



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