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“My Father — talk to him like that, confidently — who art in heaven, look upon me with compassionate Love, and make me respond to thy love.
—Melt and enkindle my heart of bronze, burn and purify my unmortified flesh, fill my mind with supernatural light, make my tongue proclaim the Love and Glory of Christ.”

St. Josemaria, The Forge, no. 3

Fr. Peter Armenio, priest of Opus Dei, reflects upon the idea of divine filiation, that we have been made children of God through our Lord’s redemption.  By being reborn in Jesus Christ through baptism, we become like Christ the Son, through whom God the Father loves us.  By growing deeper in our relationship with Jesus, we can grow in our sense of divine filiation and benefit more from the love of God the Father.

Divine filiation should serve as a reference point for our lives.  Especially through our difficulties and anxieties, we can draw perspective by remembering that we are nothing less than children of God and that our Father is infinite, all-powerful love.  This outlook will continue to fortify us through life’s struggles and help us to maintain our interior peace.



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