PODCAST | Holy Purity: A Joyful Affirmation

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On Saturday, July 6, the Church celebrates the Feast of Saint Maria Goretti, who is honored for her heroic resistance when a young man tried to seduce her when she was eleven years of age. After resisting the young man’s actions, Saint Maria Goretti was stabbed fourteen times and died four days later as a result of the wounds. She forgave her assailant multiple times and prayed for his repentance and conversion throughout her final days.

In this podcast, Rev. Peter Armenio shares a reflection on the importance of holy purity, particularly at a time when this virtue clashes with the cultural norm. He shares five important resolutions that we can make when striving to live a life of purity: to make good confessions, to accept the guidance of the priest in living the virtue of purity, to pray three Hail Mary’s for purity each evening, to guard the senses to avoid looking at someone impurely, and to ask for the virtue of purity with humility as it increases our capacity to love.


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