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Today on the podcast…

We contemplate how the renewal of the Church many years ago began in the monasteries with intense prayer of loving Christ and living a life of penance.  Now St. Josemaria Escriva says to bring that contemplative prayer into our daily lives, in the thick of things, at the party, on the soccer field, at the library, in the court of law, and at home.

In our personal relationship with Christ let us ask him:

  • To transmit His light through us in the form of joy, affection, kindness, and the spirit of service.
  • To find us in the silence of our prayer.
  • To truly help us learn to be contemplatives in the middle of the world.

We ask Our Lady to help us throughout the day to contemplate the real presence of Christ in our lives and to pray without ceasing.


We encourage you to write down moments from the podcast that strike you, as well as the thoughts, inspirations and resolutions that arise from your prayer and reflection with our Meditation Journal Sheet. Download it here: Meditation Journal Page


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