PODCAST | Marriage as a Pathway to Holiness

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Why is marriage important to society today? And, what distinguishes a healthy marriage from one that is in serious trouble?

On this podcast, Msgr. Fred Dolan reflects on the Sacrament of Marriage and how it is the cornerstone to society and the image of the eternal love between Christ and his Church.

Marriage is the pathway for spouses to lead one another to heaven. For a marriage to flourish, it must be grounded so that each spouse is able to see the other as God sees him or her. Spouses must seek out genuine admiration for the gifts of the other, realizing that two lives become one as they build the foundation upon which they can strive for sanctity.

Marriage is hard work. We marry imperfect people, yet are called to love them with their defects and limitations. Men and women are very different. We may not understand each other, but we are called to accept and love each other. Marriage is like a pearl of great price – it is worth fighting for it.


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