PODCAST | Part Three: Redemptive Suffering

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We continue in our journey with the disciples to Emmaus when Christ raises the question, “Did not Christ have to suffer these things before entering into his glory?” Fr. Javier explains that this is the question of Christianity and is often the reason why many people do not understand Christianity. This question leads people to ask, “how can you reconcile suffering with a loving God?”

Throughout their journey to Emmaus, Christ pulls together Scripture and traces the theme of the cross and suffering. Scripture shows us how God has overcome pain and suffering, not that he has come to take it away. The disciples are running to Emmaus because they are running away—they have a misunderstanding of the Messiah. Christ came to give meaning to suffering so that we can unite our pain and suffering to Him.

What is a retreat?
A retreat is a collection of meditations on a specific theme intended to help you to set apart a few days from your daily routine to examine your life in the presence of Jesus Christ: to see what is going well, to see what needs to change, to make resolutions and to begin again.

Suggestions for listening to the retreat:

  • Read and meditate on the Scripture passages referenced in the meditations.
  • Keep a journal: Write down moments from the meditations that strike you, as well as the thoughts, inspirations and resolutions that arise from your prayer and reflection. If you would like a guide to journaling, click the following link to download our Meditation Journal Page.
  • Strive to keep silence: A retreat requires interior silence and exterior silence, which helps us maintain a lasting conversation with our Lord.

During this Easter Season, the St. Josemaria Institute brings you a five-part series on The Road to Emmaus, an audio spiritual retreat by Fr. Javier del Castillo. The Road to Emmaus is a story of conversion in which Christ opens our eyes, points us to the Word, and reveals Himself throughout our journey toward heaven.

We invite you to tune in to the St. Josemaria Institute Podcast every Tuesday from April 30 – May 28 to listen to the latest installment of the series.



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