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Today on the podcast…

How can we achieve a constant dialogue with God to help us live our Christian vocation to discipleship?

Our Christian vocation by virtue of baptism is to spread the Kingdom of God–to attract people to Christ. This work of discipleship and evangelization is a work of a lifetime. To carry out this work, we need a daily plan to help us keep in constant dialogue with God–praying without ceasing–pushing ourselves realistically, expanding our hearts, to live a life in Christ:

  • God has a vision for our relationship with Him: that we be aware that we are always in His presence and that we remain in constant dialogue with Him.
  • The person who is centered on Jesus Christ in everything he or she does will naturally attract others to Him.
  • There is an intangible glow, despite our sins and weaknesses, that reveals itself through our unceasing prayer, not because we are good but because Christ is good.
  • It doesn’t work to have a daily plan and not live and abide by the plan. We have to say yes to our designated schedule and times of prayer. Our cooperation will lead to our goal, which is personal holiness.
  • Our Lady helps us to see the urgency to be a man or woman of prayer by putting her Son first and implementing a realistic game plan to be a saint.


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