PODCAST | St. Joseph: Template of the Christian Vocation

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On May 1st, the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St. Joseph the Worker. To help us get to know St. Joseph better, Fr. Peter Armenio, priest of Opus Dei, reflects on the holiness of St. Joseph as the role model for the whole Church, especially the laity. St. Joseph is the template for the Christian vocation— the “all-star” of holiness.

“We need devotion to St. Joseph,” Fr. Peter explains, “because my vocation is his vocation. He loved God with his whole mind, whole heart, and whole strength as a carpenter. He tried his very best. He made his carpentry the best. His carpentry was a medium to serve people. His work was a medium of prayer and sacrifice. And, his work was a medium of charity towards others.”

“Jesus worked in Joseph’s workshop and by Joseph’s side. What must Joseph have been, how grace must have worked through him, that he should be able to fulfill this task of the human upbringing of the Son of God! For Jesus must have resembled Joseph: in his way of working, in the features of his character, in his way of speaking. Jesus’ realism, his eye for detail, the way he sat at table and broke bread, his preference for using everyday situations to give doctrine — all this reflects his childhood and the influence of Joseph” (St. Josemaria Escriva; Christ is Passing By, no. 55).

This reflection was originally recorded during Lent for the Solemnity of St. Joseph (March 19th).


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