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Today on the podcast….

The New Commandment

Fr Peter Armenio, a priest of Opus Dei, reflects on the New Commandment from Jesus Christ which he issued to the Apostles before the Last Supper.

This commandment is particularly difficult to follow since we are asked to love one another as Jesus loves us, which is a very tall order.  How can we match Jesus’ love for us!

However, Fr. Peter Armenio makes a point to note that when God issues a commandment, it is because we can live it. Do not write yourself off!

“No matter how much you may love, you will never love enough. The human heart is endowed with an enormous coefficient of expansion. When it loves, it opens out in a crescendo of affection that overcomes all barriers. If you love Our Lord, there will not be a single creature that does not find a place in your heart.”

St Josemaria Escriva, The Way of the Cross; Eight Station, Number 5


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