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In this podcast, as we prepare to celebrate the feast day of St. Josemaria, Msgr. Fred Dolan shares a reflection on the life of St. Josemaria and the inspiration behind Opus Dei.

In Scripture, Christ compares the Kingdom of God to a tiny mustard seed that will grow and flourish over time. On October 2, 1928, God led St. Josemaria to discover his own mustard seed – the work of Opus Dei. St. Josemaria showed the world that holiness is not something extraordinary, rather, something ordinary which can be found in our everyday work. God led St. Josemaria to see that the Church needs an institution that does nothing else but serve God through ordinary, daily realities. The life of St. Josemaria and the work of Opus Dei show us that the world is not an obstacle to holiness, but a place where holiness is found.


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