PODCAST | “Transmitting the Joy of Christ”

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Today in the podcast…

Fr. Peter Armenio, priest of Opus Dei, reflects upon joy as the foundation for all evangelization and how living joy in our daily lives can lead others to encounter Christ.

The particular role of the laity in bringing Christ to the world, especially in the places we live and work, requires that we not only bring the truth of the Gospel to all those who we encounter, but that we always lead with joy and witness to the happiness found in our friendship with Jesus.

Fr. Peter, using the example of the saints, shows that authentic joy is not artificial, but is a happiness which results from having the fullness of joy within you.  This joy is easily perceived by others and is fueled by our friendship with Jesus.  In order to increase our joy, we can more intentionally abide with the Lord through the Eucharist, mental prayer, the rosary, the cross, and through our effort of the love others.


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