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Unity Of Life

Fr. Peter Armenio, an Opus Dei priest, is quoted in this podcast saying, “We are disciples of Christ marked with this unity of life that we give an experience of Christ through joy.”   He challenges us to evaluate our daily lives and see if we can find Christ there in the midst.

He stresses that, as Disciples of Christ there should be a common thread that runs through our lives. This Common thread is the manner in which we interact with others through which they can see the presence of Jesus Christ in our very person. Just like the vessels of clay St. Paul refers to when telling the Corinthians that they must hold God within their being in order to be able to give Him to others.

We must let others experience Christ through our very actions of love, kindness, affection, and joy then they can recognize the life of Christ alive in us. The receiver of these actions should feel loved through our being present to them.


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