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Today on the podcast…

During this prayerful time of Holy Week, Fr. Peter Armenio, priest of Opus Dei, reminds us in today’s reflection that “we need to accompany Jesus in his suffering” because “he needs me and he needs you.”

“Jesus is counting on you and all of his followers to be with him.” “He saw you and he saw me,” Fr. Peter explains, “and as we connect with him, we console him. And, as we try to witness him to others and draw other people to him, we alleviate his pain.”

Therefore, as you progress through Holy Week, bring to your prayer the fact that: “he loves me infinitely and he wants me there.”

“Enter into the wounds of Christ Crucified. There you will learn to guard your senses, you will have interior life, and you will continually offer to the Father the sufferings of our Lord and those of Mary, in payment of your debts and the debts of all men” (St. Josemaria Escriva; The Way, no. 288).


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