Seven Sundays Devotion to St. Joseph | 2023

Join the St. Josemaria Institute for our annual Seven Sundays Devotion to St. Joseph
from February 5 to March 19.

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St. Josemaria Escriva had a deep, personal devotion to St. Joseph and encouraged everyone to: “Love Saint Joseph a lot. Love him with all your soul, because he, together with Jesus, is the person who has most loved our Blessed Lady and been closest to God. He is the person who has most loved God, after our Mother” (The Forge, no. 554).

In preparation for the feast of St. Joseph (March 19*), the St. Josemaria Institute invites you to join us in praying the Seven Sundays Devotion. This long-standing tradition and devotion of the Church honors the seven joys and seven sorrows that St. Joseph experienced as the husband of the Mother of God, faithful guardian of Christ, and head of the Holy Family.

*In 2023, the liturgical feast of St. Joseph is transferred to Monday, March 20.

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