Ten-Day Devotion to the Holy Spirit | 2023

On May 28, 2023, the Church celebrates Pentecost Sunday. In preparation, join the St. Josemaria Institute for our annual Ten Day Devotion to the Holy Spirit from May 18 to May 27.

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The Ten-Day Devotion to the Holy Spirit is a long-standing custom encouraged by the Church that begins ten days before Pentecost on Ascension Thursday, the day that Jesus our Lord ascended into Heaven. This time of preparation is an opportunity to ask the Holy Spirit to help us to know ourselves better, to strengthen our hearts, and to make firm resolutions for our interior lives.

St. Josemaria Escriva explains that: “The Holy Spirit performs God’s works in the world. He is, as the liturgical hymn sings, the giver of gifts, the light of hearts, the soul’s guest, rest in work, and consolation in sorrow. Without his help, there is nothing in man that is innocent and worthy, because it is the Holy Spirit who cleanses what is stained, cures what is sick, enkindles what is cold, straightens what has gone astray, and leads men to the door of salvation and eternal joy” (Christ is Passing By, no. 130).


Come, O Holy Spirit: enlighten my understanding to know your commands; strengthen my heart against the wiles of the enemy; inflame my will… I have heard your voice, and I don’t want to harden my heart to resisting, by saying ‘later… tomorrow.’ Nunc coepi! Now! Lest there be no tomorrow for me! O, Spirit of truth and wisdom, Spirit of understanding and counsel, Spirit of joy and peace! I want what you want, I want it because you want it, I want it as you want it, I want it when you want it. [Prayer card available in our online shop!]

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The St. Josemaria Institute was founded in 2006 to promote the life, teachings, and devotion to St. Josemaria Escriva among all men and women who desire to find meaning and happiness in their daily lives by growing closer to God. The St. Josemaria Institute produces and distributes digital and print media as a means to spread Christian values around the world and to help people navigate and live well in the digital age.

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