PODCAST | Thanksgiving Day and Acts of Gratitude

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Thanksgiving Day is celebrated annually in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November. On today’s podcast, a reflection on the significance of this holiday and how it is a reminder that we ought to thank God always by habitually making frequent acts of thanksgiving– acts of gratitude.

“We were never asked by God to come into existence. Everything we have— our talents, our virtues, even our defects— all have been been foreseen by God, allowed by God, given to us by God so that we can fulfill the single mission that we have received from before the foundation of the world, as St Paul would say, in giving glory to God: ‘Thank you Lord for everything because everything is good.’”

As we strive to maintain a constant spirit of gratitude in our lives we will come to realize that “thanksgiving enlarges our hearts to receive even greater gifts from God.”

“Give thanks often to Jesus, for through him, with him and in him you are able to call yourself a son of God” (St. Josemaria Escriva; The Forge, no. 265)

(This podcast was originally published in 2014.)


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