Book of the Month: 2021

Head in to the New Year with the goal to read more each day by following the St. Josemaria Institute Book of the Month Series! We are pleased to share twelve thoughtfully curated titles that will explore our theme for 2021: The Richness of Ordinary Life. Join us each month as we unpack a new title and go deeper into the teachings and spirit of St. Josemaria Escriva.

Looking for a meaningful way to grow in faith and fellowship? Consider forming a book club with friends and family members. Each month we will share a discussion guide to help you foster a fruitful conversation.

For practical steps to get started on your spiritual reading plan, listen to our podcast Spiritual Reading for Your Interior Life.

Book of the Month

The Richness of Ordinary Life
St. Josemaria Escriva

Lord, Teach Us to Pray
Fr. Jeffrey Kirby

In the Footprints of Our Faith
Jesús Gil

Called to Life
Fr. Jacques Philippe

Like Salt & Like Light
Bl. Alvaro del Portillo

Letters to a Saint
María del Rincón & María Teresa Escobar

Parents of the Saints
Patrick O’Hearn

Saints in the World
Fr. Jesús Urteaga

Choosing Happiness
Fr. Francisco Ugarte

Searching for and Maintaining Peace
Fr. Jaques Philippe

The Four Last Things
St. Thomas More

In Silence With God
Fr. Benedict Baur

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