Our Call to Holiness

“…This is God’s Will for us, that we be saints.”
“He calls each and every one to holiness; he asks each and every one to love him: young and old, single and married, healthy and sick, learned and unlearned, no matter where they work, or where they are.”

St. Josemaria Escriva
Friends of God,
no. 294

Living Prayer

St Josemaria Escriva’s loving and hopeful reminder that God calls each and every one to holiness is the vision that guides the St. Josemaria Institute.

This site was especially created to offer and share resources that are inspired by the life and teachings of St Josemaria Escriva, which can help to revive our lives of prayer and friendship with Jesus Christ.

Together let’s turn our lives into a living prayer and strive each day towards holiness.

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