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In this meditation from Fr. Peter Armenio, priest of Opus Dei, we are invited to reflect upon the “apostolate of attraction” as the means by which we are to fulfill the Great Commission and lead others into relationship with Jesus Christ. This type of apostolate, as old as the Gospel itself and encouraged by Pope Francis, begins by our faithful witness to the love of Christ: “people need to see us as oases of joy and peace.”   It is our witness, only later accompanied by doctrine, that will prove that Jesus is real.

“Whenever sanctity is genuine, it overflows from its vessel to fill other hearts, other souls, with its superabundance. We, the children of God, sanctify ourselves by sanctifying others. Is Christian life growing around you? Consider this every day.”

St. Josemaria Escrive; The Forge, no. 856

Before our Lord sent the Apostles out into the world, he gave them the new commandment of love, instructing them to remain united with him and replicate his heart. Despite any obstacles and difficulties they would face, Jesus promised them that in following this commandment, they would succeed in sharing the Gospel, since it would be him acting through them. This remains true for us still today; if we remain united to his heart and participate in his life, others will come to know him through our love.


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