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In this podcast, Fr. Eric Nicolai reflects on St. Josemaria’s last moments on earth and how his docility to the Holy Spirit and good humor until the end led him to have so much effect on people’s lives.

God granted St. Josemaria a deep spiritual paternity through which he embraced everyone that would come in contact with him. “And since this paternity was completely supernatural,” Fr. Eric explains, “it was strengthened by the fact that he went to Heaven. He could continue to exercise that spiritual paternity by interceding for us.”

St. Josemaria became somebody to emulate as he was somebody with impressive dreams, magnanimity, and great apostolic zeal. He was driven by his sudden understanding that sanctity is within the reach of anyone who freely wants to let themselves be led by God. Therefore, he knew how to bring out the best in people and helped them to realize their dreams of pursing what God was really calling them to. He formed saints that came in contact with him; that is, he provoked great desires in others and opened up their horizons.

St. Josemaria had many reasons to be cynical and even pessimistic about his mission and the work that he was doing for God. But, with the grace of God, he flourished through the power of his good humor. His good humor and cheerfulness helped him to have a greater vision, for himself and for others, beyond the immediate.

As we celebrate the feast of St. Josemaria (June 26), Fr. Eric encourages us to go to St. Josemaria to learn what it means to have good humor, to be cheerful, and to open up our horizons to a greater vision of life led by the Spirit.

NOTE: This meditation was preached live in Toronto, Canada on June 19, 2023, in preparation for the feast of Saint Josemaria.

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Rev. Eric Nicolai Rev. Eric Nicolai

Fr. Eric Nicolai, a native of Montreal, Canada, converted to Catholicism as a teenager and was ordained a priest for the Prelature of Opus Dei in 1994. He holds a degree in Art History from McGill University in Montreal and a Masters at Laval University in Quebec City. Fr. Eric currently serves as chaplain of Ernescliff College and of Hawthorn Girls School in Toronto and regularly shares mediations on his Youtube and Podcast channel, In Your Presence. [ Youtube ] [ iTunes ]

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