Love and Responsibility: A Podcast Mini-Series

Why should I go outside myself to find happiness? Why would I ever want to give up my autonomy and commit myself to someone else in this radical way?

In 1960, before becoming Pope John Paul II, Fr. Karol Wojtyła published a book called Love and Responsibility. His experience and friendship with young people at the time made him aware of the widespread utilitarianism that was becoming so much a part of the modern world. He observed how many people, even good Christians, might approach a relationship in terms of how useful the other person is in helping them achieve their goals. This helped illuminate why many friendships, dating relationships, and even marriages were so fragile and so easily dissolved. Because anyone can have feelings and desires for another person, but not everyone has the virtue and commitment to make self-giving love possible.


Love and Responsibility: A Podcast Mini-Series is a collection of three talks by Msgr. Fred Dolan on vocation and marriage, and the importance of examining very carefully the insights of Pope St. John Paul II in order to establish a rock-solid foundation for a lasting marriage.

As Msgr. Dolan explains, “Life with a capital ‘L’ is not about doing whatever I want. It is about fulfilling my relationships with God and with the people God has placed in my life. By uniting myself to another, my own life is not diminished, but is profoundly enriched. The marriage and the family become the primary reference points for everything I do. And this is the beauty of self-giving love.”

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