PODCAST | Palm Sunday and Humility

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Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. What does our Lord try to teach us through today’s celebration?

In this podcast, Fr Javier del Castillo helps us to reflect on the lessons that we can learn from the “little things” of today’s Gospel- the donkey, the palm branches, and the rocks. Their apparently insignificant role in today’s Gospel “point us to a deeper humility that will allow us to know the truth and have the courage to live by it.”


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Rev. Javier del Castillo Rev. Javier del Castillo

Fr. Javier del Castillo is a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Doctorate in Philosophy. He currently carries out his pastoral ministry in New York and is President of the St. Josemaria Institute.

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