PODCAST | St. Josemaria Escriva: A Pilgrim at Tepeyac

St. Josemaria Escriva made many pilgrimages throughout his lifetime seeking opportunities to encounter God and praying for his conversion and of the whole world. Today’s podcast commemorates the 50th Anniversary of St. Josemaria Escriva’s pilgrimage to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City from May 15-24, 1970.

His pilgrimage to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, on the Hill of Tepeyac, is recognized as the longest and one of the most important pilgrimages in his life. In this podcast, Fr. Javier shares historical insight to the pilgrimage and the lessons we can learn from St. Josemaria’s example of Marian devotion.

Toward the end of this meditation (at 21:52), Fr. Javier shares an excerpt from Dream and Your Dreams Will Fall Short by Pedro Casciaro, available in our online shop.

This podcast was originally published May, 2020.

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Rev. Javier del Castillo Rev. Javier del Castillo

Fr. Javier del Castillo is a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Doctorate in Philosophy. He currently carries out his pastoral ministry in New York and is President of the St. Josemaria Institute.

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