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In this podcast, Fr. Leo Agustina helps us to prepare our hearts for the feasts of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (September 8) and Mary’s Holy Name (September 12).

Her feasts remind us, like St. Joseph, that God is also telling us, “Do not be afraid to take Mary” (Mt 1:20). Mary is a wonderful reality that makes us want to do like St. Joseph, like St. John the Apostle, and bring her into our lives and into everything.

In human history, there is a deep line that divides it into two: before and after Jesus Christ. Because of divine providence, we happen to be in the afterwards of His birth and life; and that happened, in part, because of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is wonderful to think about the unity between Mary and Jesus: both hearts beating at the same rhythm, both eyes looking at the same people with the same love, both of them connected in a beautiful symphony of thoughts, loves, and desires. They both look at us individually, wanting to help us in every step we take and in every situation we live.

The connection that we have with Mary is very special. The good news is that it’s not just for some people, it’s for everyone, just like the love of God that precedes us.

So, on Mary’s birthday, we unite ourselves to thank God for creating such a beautiful Mother, for pouring all His imagination, all His creativity in such a wonderful human being. And especially we want to say thank you for sharing His Mother with us, for giving us the possibility of calling her Mother, and to be adopted in such a wonderful family.

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Rev. Leo Austin Rev. Leo Austin

B.A. Pompeu Fabra University; Ph.D. Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. After being ordained in 2008, Fr. Leo developed his ministry as a priest during 5 years at Aldovea High School (Madrid, Spain). In 2013 he moved to Berkeley, California. He has been involved in several programs for High School students, providing them with spiritual guidance and helping them to live their Catholic Faith as an integral part of their personality. He moved to Northridge Prep (Niles, IL) in the summer of 2015.

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