2021 Christmas Card Collection: “The Adoration of the Shepherds”


10 cards & 10 envelopes per pack
Blank inside


Designed for our 2021 Christmas Card Collection, this card features the 17th century painting “The Adoration of the Shepherds”, attributed to the Neapolitan School, from the collection at the National Gallery, London. This scene from the nativity of Jesus reminds us that, as Pope Francis said declaring the Year of Amoris Laetitia Family (2021-2022): “Jesus’ family…is the model family, in which all families of the world can find their sure point of reference and sure inspiration.”

Each pack includes ten 5″x7″ cards and envelopes (click image to enlarge):

On the back cover:

“As we contemplate the stable in Bethlehem or the home of the holy family in Nazareth, Mary, Joseph and the child Jesus occupy a special place in our hearts. (…) As we read in holy Scripture, the birth of Jesus means the beginning of the fullness of time. It was the moment God chose to show the extent of his love for men, by giving us his own Son. And God’s will is fulfilled in the simplest, most ordinary of circumstances: a woman who gives birth, a family, a home. The power of God and his splendor come to us through a human reality to which they are joined. Since that moment Christians have known that, with God’s grace, they can and should sanctify everything that is good in their human lives. There is no human situation, no matter how trivial and ordinary it may seem, which cannot be a meeting-place with Christ and a step forward on our journey toward the kingdom of heaven.”

Christ is Passing By, no. 22