A Spiritual Retreat on the Raising of Lazarus


Free or $25 suggested donation.


A Spiritual Retreat on the Raising of Lazarus walks you through the Gospel account in which Christ demonstrates his power over death by restoring Lazarus to life – a prefigurement of our own resurrection to new life with Christ. As you listen to this retreat, you will be able to journey with Christ as he experiences the death of his friend, consoles Mary and Martha, prays to the Father, and reacts to the people gathered at the tomb.

Taking time to quietly reflect with the meditations, we can pray and ask ourselves:

  • What can we learn from this Gospel account today?
  • What does this account tell us about the friendship of Christ?
  • Are we aware that it is only our friendship with Christ that can truly raise us up from the challenges of daily life and from the heavy burdens of sin?
  • Are we constantly seeking to reignite and deepen our friendship with him?

A Spiritual Retreat on the Raising of Lazarus is a collection of eleven meditations preached by Rev. Javier del Castillo, priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei and Vice President of the St. Josemaria Institute.


1. With Jesus at Bethany

2. Called by God, Loved by God

3. The Illness of Sin

4. Sincerity, Awoken to Truth

5. The Cross of Jesus

6. The Rich Man and Lazarus

7. Mary’s Purified Heart

8. Jesus’ Presence in Eucharistic Souls

9. Friendship With Christ

10. Prayer, Faith That Moves Mountains

11. The Penetrating Voice of the Son of God