The Way of Lent Devotional


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As we retreat into the desert with Christ, we are provided an opportunity to look inward and to assess what we need to change so that we may be a Christ-like image in the world today. St. Josemaria explains: “We cannot regard this Lent as just another liturgical season which has simply happened to come around again. It is a unique time: a divine aid which we should accept. Jesus is passing by and he hopes that we will take a great step forward – today, now” (Christ is Passing By, no. 59).

Available as a free digital download, The Way of Lent Devotional has been prepared to accompany you on your spiritual journey this season! The devotional includes excerpts from The Conversion of the Children of God, a homily given by St. Josemaria Escriva in 1952, accompanied by a weekly meditation, reflection questions, and points from the writings of St. Josemaria to pray with each day.

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