Novena for Work


According to St. Josemaria Escriva, “Work is part and parcel of man’s life on earth. It involves effort, weariness, exhaustion: signs of the suffering and struggle which accompany human existence and which point to the reality of sin and the need for redemption. But in itself work is not a penalty or a curse or a punishment (…) work is a gift from God…it makes no sense to classify men differently, according to their occupation, as if some jobs were nobler than others. Work, all work, bears witness to the dignity of man, to his dominion over creation. It is an opportunity to develop one’s personality. It is a bond of union with others, the way to support one’s family, a means of aiding in the improvement of the society in which we live and in the progress of all humanity” (Christ is Passing By, 47).

The Novena for Work by Fr. Francisco Faus is inspired by St. Josemaria’s supernatural view of work and his dedication to helping all people discover the value and dignity of their work. The novena is intended as an aid to anyone who is looking for a job or anyone who is facing hardship or conflict at work. It is also a great form of prayer for anyone who desires to sanctify their work and professional outlook.

The novena contains daily reflections from the writings of St. Josemaria, prayers for finding a job or doing your job well, and the Prayer for the Intercession of St. Josemaria.

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