Our Lady Leads Us to the Holy Spirit

The month of May… offers us a privileged opportunity for drawing closer to the Holy Spirit. How? By approaching our Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary with the piety of children. You must have often reflected on the fact that in the economy of salvation God has wanted to associate Mary in an intimate way with the action of the Paraclete. When the Son is sent into the world by the Father, he becomes incarnate de Spiritu Sancto, ex Maria Virgine: of the Virgin Mary, by the power of the Holy Spirit, as we say in the Creed. When the Church is revealed publicly through the coming of the Paraclete at Pentecost, we find the Mother of Jesus and Mother of the Church there in the midst of the Apostles, a magnet which attracted the divine Spirit to the earth at that time.

If we want to draw ever closer to the Holy Spirit and let him act in our souls without putting any obstacle in the way, we should let ourselves be guided by the hand of the one who is in a very special way, by virtue of her divine motherhood and her fullness of grace, a living Temple of the most Holy Trinity and Spouse of the Paraclete.

So let us unite our devotion, affection and petitions to the Mother of God and our Mother, with a love full of self-giving and sincere piety towards the Third Person of the most Holy Trinity. That way we will fulfill the mission which God has entrusted to us more faithfully and effectively: to sanctify ourselves in our ordinary duties and sanctifying the people around us in our family, professional, social activities, etc.

From Journey with Jesus through the Liturgical Year by Alvaro del Portillo, published by Scepter (U.K.). All rights reserved. Blessed Alvaro del Portillo was a Spanish engineer who joined Opus Dei in 1935. He was ordained a priest in 1944 and consecrated a bishop in 1991 by Pope St. John Paul II. He served as the prelate of Opus Dei between 1982 and 1994 as the successor to St. Josemaria Escriva. He died in Rome on March 23, 1994 and was beatified on September 27, 2014. His liturgical feast day is May 12.

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