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In this podcast, Fr. Peter Armenio guides us to reflect upon the importance of loving God, being united to Him, and being a light in the world that extends and radiates His love to others. But how does God expect us to do this in our lives?

Drawing upon the Gospel story of the Rich Young Man, Fr. Peter points out the “three steps” that Jesus shares with the young man to be happy and attain eternal life: 1) make God the center of your life because only God is good and can satisfy you; 2) live the commandments to gain the freedom to own yourself; 3) make a self-gift of yourself to Christ who is number one in your life.

To be totally centered on Christ, like all of the saints, is to begin to experience the joy of eternal life here on earth. But, it’s not going to work and we will always go away sad if we don’t make the decision to give ourselves completely to Christ and become light and joy in the world.

In this podcast, you will also hear how:

  • A talented college girl who left the Church found her way back to the Eucharist through the joyful witness of her Catholic friends.
  • Why a modern-day “rich young man” was not happy even though he had everything a boy his age would want.
  • Jesus expects us to interact with the world in order to be its salt and light and preach to every creature (and it’s what being Catholic is all about).
  • The decision to be totally centered on Christ will ultimately make us join the ranks of the saints.

Image by Heinrich Hoffman via Wikimedia Commons

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Rev. Peter Armenio Rev. Peter Armenio

Rev. Peter V. Armenio was ordained a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei in 1980. He is the author of several books published by Midwest Theological Forum, including Highlights of the Catholic Faith. He also served as President of the St. Josemaria Institute from 2006 to 2012. He has been working in campus ministry for the past 30 years and also preaches recollections and gives spiritual direction in Chicago.

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