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In this meditation, Fr. Leo Austin contemplates the transformative experience of the Holy Spirit beginning at Pentecost and the command to go out into the world and transform it with the fire and love of our faith.

Fr. Leo asks us to imagine the emotional and spiritual journey of the apostles, placing ourselves in their shoes, grappling with the profound implications of Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension. Like the apostles, we will discover that anything that is spiritually relevant in our lives is seen only through prayer. It is through prayer, acquired by recollection, patience and perseverance, that we can transform and enjoy the world way better–that’s the grace of our sanctification.

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Rev. Leo Austin Rev. Leo Austin

B.A. Pompeu Fabra University; Ph.D. Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. After being ordained in 2008, Fr. Leo developed his ministry as a priest during 5 years at Aldovea High School (Madrid, Spain). In 2013 he moved to Berkeley, California. He has been involved in several programs for High School students, providing them with spiritual guidance and helping them to live their Catholic Faith as an integral part of their personality. He moved to Northridge Prep (Niles, IL) in the summer of 2015.

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