A Spiritual Retreat on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit


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A Spiritual Retreat on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit guides us through a deeper understanding of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and shares practical applications of how to foster these gifts in our prayer and conversation with God.

“We should be aware of the work of the Holy Spirit all around us, and in our own selves we should recognize the gifts he distributes, the movements and institutions he inspired, the affections and decisions he provokes in our hearts” (St. Josemaria Escriva; Christ is Passing By, no. 130).

However, in our human weakness, our soul is clouded with the impurities of sin which inhibits our awareness to the work of grace. As we progress in our spiritual journey, the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit help us overcome the obstacles of sin and lead us to the highest summits of holiness.

Weaving together stories from the life of St. Josemaria and spiritual insights from Scripture, this retreat is an opportunity to enlighten our minds, purify our hearts, and strengthen our wills as we come to know the Holy Spirit in a more profound way and seek to encounter his presence in the ordinary moments of everyday life.

A Spiritual Retreat on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit is a collection of eight meditations preached by Msgr. Fred Dolan, priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei.


1. An Introduction to the Holy Spirit

2. The Gift of Fear of the Lord

3. The Gift of Piety

4. The Gift of Knowledge

5. The Gift of Fortitude

6. The Gift of Counsel

7. The Gift of Understanding

8. The Gift of Wisdom