“Raising Children in a Christian Home” Conference Video Collection


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The St. Josemaria Institute’s 2015 Fall Conference, Raising Children in a Christian Home, video and audio collection is now available online.

The St. Josemaria Institute Conference Video Collections are expertly recorded videos of our annual winter and fall conferences, which bring together speakers and guests in conversation about the ways that we seek, find, and love Christ in the world today. Our videos are perfect to watch at home or to share as a group. They are also helpful resources for parishes, retreats, schools, and religious education programs.


  • Talk One: Dan Cheely’s presentation St. Thomas More: Leadership in Fatherhood introduces us to the family life of St. Thomas More and what he can teach us today about Christian parenting.
  • Talk Two: Rev. Javier del Castillo’s first presentation St. Monica dives deep into the life of the mother of St. Augustine and why she is the patron of married women and mothers.
  • Talk Three: Rev. Javier del Castillo’s second presentation Jose and Dolores Escriva: Parents of St. Josemaria Escriva introduces us to the traditions and devotions of their Christian home which helped pave the way for a future saint.


  • Your one-time payment gives you unlimited access to the video and audio recordings of the conference.
  • Expertly recorded and edited so that you can watch the video or listen on the go.
  • The sale of these recordings help support the mission and ongoing programs of the St. Josemaria Institute.