Hand in Hand with Mary: A Spiritual Retreat


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Hand in Hand with Mary: A Spiritual Retreat guides us in the season of Lent to prepare, “hand in hand with Mary”, for the glorious Resurrection of her Son, Jesus Christ. By her life and intercession, Mary brings us to an encounter with Jesus Christ to experience true sorrow and repentance of our sins, true abandonment to God’s will, and the humility and strength to accept His will always and in everything.

“With immense love Mary looks at Jesus, and Jesus at his Mother. Their eyes meet, and each heart pours into the other its own deep sorrow. Mary’s soul is steeped in bitter grief, the grief of Jesus Christ. O all you that pass by the way, look and see, was there ever a sorrow to compare with my sorrow! (Lam 1:12). But no one notices, no one pays attention; only Jesus. Simeon’s prophecy has been fulfilled: thy own soul a sword shall pierce (Luke 2:35)” (The Way of the Cross, 4th Station).

Hand in Hand with Mary: A Spiritual Retreat is a collection of three meditations preached by Rev. Gavan Jennings, priest of the prelature of Opus Dei.

Rev. Gavan Jennings studied philosophy at University College Dublin, Ireland, and the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome. A priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei, Fr. Jennings is editor of the monthly journal Position Papers, which provides an analysis of culturally relevant books being published. He teaches occasional courses on philosophy and theology, and is a chaplain at Ely University Centre in Dublin.