Scriptural Advent Calendar & Blessings Kit


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Countdown to Christmas with the St. Josemaria Institute’s Scriptural Advent Calendar & Blessings Kit!

Available as a free download, our Scriptural Advent Calendar & Blessings Kit is an engaging and prayerful way to reflect during Advent on the twenty-five names and identities of the coming Savior, Jesus Christ. Along with a Scripture passage for each name, we’ve designed an ornament to color and decorate your Christmas tree.

As you pause to reflect and enjoy this activity, each day will be a reminder that God, King of the Universe, humbled himself to be born as a little, defenseless baby in a stable. By December 25th, your tree will be decorated with the daily prayers and reflections that helped you to renew your desire for Christ to come into your heart and home this Christmas.

Included with the Advent calendar is the Blessing of an Advent Wreath, Blessing of a Nativity Scene, and Blessing of a Christmas Tree, which are other devotional and traditional ways to help live this season of joy and hope for salvation.