“The Love of God is so attractive…” | Spring Appeal 2021

“The Love of God is so attractive, and so fascinating,
that there are no limits to its growth in the life of a Christian.”

The Forge, no. 500

Dear Friends:

This quote from St. Josemaria joyfully sums up for us these days of Easter and springtime: love, growth, life! At the St. Josemaria Institute, we are thrilled to launch into this glorious and new season bringing you new programs and podcasts to lift up our spirits as we continue to seek the love of God and to grow as Christians.

In the coming weeks, we invite you to join us for our:

    • Weekly Podcast on the Easter Season
      In this year’s Easter message, Pope Francis encouraged us to “never tire of seeking the Risen Christ.” Tune in to our podcast this season as we reflect on the disciples’ encounter with the Risen Christ and renew our desire to seek, find, and love Christ. A new podcast is available every Tuesday!
    • Monthly Day of Recollection
      This Easter season, spend a day with the Lord in quiet and joyful prayer. Use our resources for the month to make a day of recollection on your own.
    • Year of St. Joseph
      Continue celebrating the Year of St. Joseph with our Spiritual Toolkit that gathers reflections, devotions, and audios to get to know St. Joseph and increase your devotion to him.

Also coming this Spring from the St. Josemaria Institute: new audio spiritual retreats, Marian devotions for the Month of May, preparations for St. Josemaria’s Feast Day (June 26), and more!

We are so grateful to you for being a part of our mission: praying and growing with us, sharing the message of St. Josemaria, and bringing the love of God to all around you. If you are looking for ways to give back right now, please consider joining the Friends of the St. Josemaria Institute with a monthly give of $10 or $20. With your support, together we can continue to offer weekly podcasts and resources free of charge so that people anywhere and anytime can have unlimited access.


From all of us at the St. Josemaria Institute, we wish you a bright and happy Easter! And, thank you for your support.

Elia Rivera
Executive Director

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