The St. Josemaria Institute was founded in 2006 to promote the life and teachings of St. Josemaria Escriva. In particular, the Institute aims to help the public benefit from his teachings on the spiritual meaning of their ordinary life. Learn more about the St. Josemaria Institute.

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Updates on Initiatives

Passionately Loving the World

Passionately Loving the WorldA documentary about ordinary Americans living the spirituality of St. Josemaria in our times. Check out the reviews, extra clips, and order the DVD.

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St. Josemaria Feast Day Mass Kits

mass kit 2014June 26th is the feast day of St. Josemaria Escriva. Celebrate the feast in your parish or find a feast day Mass in your city.


St. Josemaria Institute Digital Resource Center

resources-sjiTake advantage of our multimedia resources to guide and inspire you along in your daily, family and spiritual life.


The Rome Experience

The Catholic Priest TodayIn collaboration with Midwest Theological Forum, The Rome Experience is a summer program for diocesan seminarians that is inspired by the thought and work of St Josemaria Escriva who dedicated many years of his life to caring for the spiritual and human needs of diocesan priests, and remains a spiritual guide for many priests today.

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Latest Articles

When Is Now: Advent and the Present Moment

tissot-the-disciples-admire-the-buildings-of-the-temple 2By Fr. John Henry Hanson, O. Praem.

The Gospel for the First Sunday of Advent is the response to a question—and not to just any question, but to the question: When? “And they asked him, ‘Teacher, when will this be, and what will be the sign when this is about to take place?’”


God Is With Us: Advent Teaches Us to Receive What We Already Have

christ with the eucharist1By Fr. John Henry Hanson, O. Praem.

"Advent is a most opportune time to think about how and why we seek to live in the Lord's presence, because at the end of Advent we will celebrate how and why God came to live in our presence. In fact the problem posed by the Gospel for the first Sunday of Advent (Mt 24:37-44) is a sober warning about forgetfulness of God's presence."


"The Christian Vocation" (Advent)

721110-08crop By St. Josemaria Escriva

"The liturgical year is beginning, and the introit of the Mass invites us to consider something closely related to the beginning of our christian life: the vocation we have all received. 'Make me to know your ways, o Lord; teach me your paths.'"


"May you seek Christ, May you find Christ, May you love Christ." - St. Josemaria Escriva

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