Feast of St. Nicholas of Bari: “Charity Builds Us Up”

On December 6th the Church celebrates the feast of St. Nicholas of Bari. Like many today, St. Josemaria Escriva had a trusting devotion to the patron saint of financial difficulties and the saint of marrying the unmarriageble. St. Nicholas’s holy life reminds us that our personal generosity and charity are possible because God never denies us what we need to serve Him, especially in the needs of others: the poor, hungry, oppressed, sick, suffering, lonely, and all souls who are searching for meaning in their lives.

As St. Josemaria wrote: “Charity is not something we ourselves build up. It invades us along with God’s grace, ‘because he has loved us first’. We would do well to fill, to saturate ourselves with this most beautiful truth: ‘If we are able to love God, it is because we have been loved by God.’ You and I are able to lavish affection upon those around us, because we have been born to the Faith, through the Father’s love for us. Ask God boldly for this treasure, for the supernatural virtue of charity, so that you may practice it even in the smallest details” (Friends of God, no. 229).

At the St. Josemaria Institute we are deeply grateful for the the generosity and charity of our friends and benefactors who have helped to build us up and kept us going forward this year. Thank you!

Today, as we look forward to Christmas and the New Year 2022, we are making a special appeal to all of our friends and subscribers who have never given before to the St. Josemaria Institute. Whether you’ve been meaning to give or looking to make a difference this season, now is a great time to support us with a one-time gift of $50. Your gift will help assure that we can continue to bring you the articles, podcasts, and resources that you’ve come to enjoy and share with your family and friends.

Thank you so much for your gift. Wishing you a happy feast of St. Nicholas and blessed Advent!


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