NEWS | EPPC Internship: St. Josemaria et al. & Sports, Research in Spanish and English

We are pleased to share the following opportunity with the Friends of the St. Josemaria Institute:

EPPC Internship: St. Josemaria et al. & Sports, Research in Spanish and English

Start date: any time from February to July 2023.
Time structure: flexible.
Location: flexible.

Provide research assistance in Spanish and English to Dr. Jennifer Bryson, a Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC) and her co-author Neal Flesher for a series of books on Sports and Saints.

The research topics in the life and writings of St. Josemaria and other Spanish-speaking saints, as time allows:
A. Use of sports analogies for the spiritual life and development of virtues.
B. Writings about sports per se, including the role of sports in culture, education, and personal formation.
C. Personal participation by the saint in sports.

Purpose of the research:
1. Develop short vignettes about topics A, B, and C for individual saints for a forthcoming book on Sports and Saints.
2. Initial exploration and preparation for a future book on sports in the writings and life of St. Josemaria. (This book will probably be in Spanish and then later translated into English.)

Dates and Structure:
These are flexible. For example, this internship could be a few hours a week over about eight to ten weeks, or fifteen to thirty hours a week for four to six weeks. Another option is a full-time internship in person for a few weeks in Heiligenkreuz, Austria. The internship is unpaid but housing assistance would be provided if needed in Heiligenkreuz. (Dr. Bryson lives in Heiligenkreuz, where there is a school of theology and a large Cistercian monastery.)

* Interest in the topic of Sports and Saints.
* Native or high level of reading knowledge in Spanish.
* High level of ability to communicate clearly and concisely in writing in English. At least medium level of spoken English.
* Well organized in handling large amounts of information from many sources.
* Some experience writing an academic research paper. Attention to detail in citing sources (using Chicago Manual of Style).
* Independent time management. Pro-active communication. Experience and pleasure in collaborating with others.

To Apply:
* Read about EPPC: Do you think you’d be a fit? If yes, then:
* Email your CV and a brief note explaining why you would like to do this internship to Dr. Jennifer S. Bryson, Include which dates and structure would work best for you and please explain why.

If you have questions about this internship, please feel free to write to Dr. Bryson or set up a time to talk via video. You may read more about Dr. Bryson and her work at

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