“Go to Joseph”: A Spiritual Retreat


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“Go to Joseph”: A Spiritual Retreat invites us to contemplate the life of St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus Christ and model of virtue and leadership, and to understand more deeply:

    • Why is the life of St. Joseph so important?
    • Why did God choose St. Joseph to be his foster father on earth? Who was he?
    • What does it mean that St. Joseph was a just man?
    • What does St. Joseph’s life teach us about our own identities: where we come from and why God has also chosen us?

As we turn to the example of St. Joseph, we learn how his life of virtue was fostered through his docility to the Will of God and perseverance in the tasks and struggles of daily life. This time of prayer on retreat is an opportunity to look inward and assess how we respond to the grace of Christ in our daily life. By imitating the life of St. Joseph, we too can overcome obstacles and sanctify the ordinary moments of daily life.

“A master of interior life, a worker deeply involved in his job, God’s servant in continual contact with Jesus: that is Joseph. With St. Joseph, the Christian learns what it means to belong to God and fully to assume one’s place among men, sanctifying the world. Get to know Joseph and you will find Jesus. Talk to Joseph and you will find Mary, who always sheds peace about her in that attractive workshop in Nazareth” (St. Josemaria Escriva; Christ is Passing By, no. 56).

“Go to Joseph”: A Spiritual Retreat is a collection of five meditations preached by Rev. Javier del Castillo, priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei and Vice President of the St. Josemaria Institute. This retreat was originally preached and recorded live at Shellbourne Conference Center in March, 2021.


1. The Just Man

2. Heir to the Promises of God

3. Master of the Interior Life

4. The Village Blacksmith

5. The Cheerful Giver