“In Search of Peace & Serenity” Conference Video Collection


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In the midst of our daily lives, and the world around us, the search for peace and serenity can seem like a faraway dream–something that we can only find on vacation or when we are far removed from everyday life. But attaining peace and serenity is truly possible–in our souls and around us–if we don’t abandon our supernatural outlook. As St. Josemaria Escriva said, “a soul loses all sense of peace and serenity when it turns away from its goal, and forgets that it was created by God to be a saint” (Friends of God, no. 10).

In this video collection of our 2021 Virtual Fall Conference, the St. Josemaria Institute welcomes our featured speaker, Catherine McMahon, who presents insights into what causes a soul to lose the sense of peace and serenity. And, she offers practical advice on how we can not only maintain peace in our souls but also become sowers of peace and joy in our homes, workplace and the world.

    • First Presentation: Catherine McMahon explains what causes our soul to lose the sense of peace and serenity.
    • Second Presentation: Catherine McMahon shares practical tips on how we can maintain peace in our souls.
    • Q & A Session: Catherine McMahon answers questions from conference participants.

Included with the video collection is additional reading material to go deeper on the topic.


Catherine McMahon is Program Manager for Brosna, a Not-for-Profit Organization within Ireland that offers various programs to help people grow humanly and spiritually. These programs are inspired by the thought and work of St. Josemaria Escriva. Among the many initiatives she manages, she works principally for BelovedHearts & Minds, and Fearless, all of which help women grow in their life and faith. She has spent a number of years creating and delivering programs in Philosophy and Theology to different groups in Ireland. She holds a MPhil from Technological University Dublin and a BA in Communications from the University of Navarre.